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tv   [untitled]    January 24, 2011 10:30am-10:36am PST

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let me close by asking bill neukom to come up, representing the ownership of our giants, and do something that we rarely get to do. this is the highest honor that a city can bestow upon a dignitary, and it just seems appropriate that we bestowed this honor today on this special day, here in our great city and county of san francisco, charlotte will provide the countdown to the delivery of our key to the city of the city and county of san francisco. on behalf of the city and county, on behalf of all of us, bill, we thank you for your ownership, everything you did this year. we thank you for your leadership, your stewardship,
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and we congratulate you with this key representing the world champion 2010 san francisco giants. [applause] you have to make it someone's day every day, so we thought we may as well make it san francisco giants day. [applause] in closing, this town is going to need another mayor soon. i just have three words. fear the beard. thank you all. thank you, san francisco giants fans. [applause] >> thank you, mr. mayor.
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now a few words from a man who may be completely out of words by now, but he is the managing general partner of the giants, once again, bill neukom. >> thank you. on behalf of the entire san francisco giants organization, thank you mayor, all of the good folks that worked for and with this city of san francisco, your corp., your sponsorship of this great day to celebrate the san francisco giants as world champions. [applause] it is, in every sense, a great day to be a giants fan, aint it? [applause] we, like you, are all elated to find ourselves standing on the
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summit of baseball. we are also proud, aren't you? in the job that bruce bochy did with all of his teams and players. one more round of applause for bruce and his team. [applause] >> and we are just as proud as the job that our general manager brian sabean did to put this group together. let's give them a big round of applause. [applause] the san francisco giants are the champions of baseball this year because of a lot of work, good, smart work done by lots of folks for decades and decades. we are up here today because we
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are standing on the shoulders of giants who preceded us. applause for all those guys who built the pyramid who got us to this summit, please. [applause] >> in that line of succession, please join me in developing and making the family of the stonehams family. peter mcgowan, the in the past steward of the team. [applause] finally, a word of thanks to our partner investors, sponsors, among the investors i must say, we missed two giant investors,
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carmen and sue burns, who are watching and enjoying, we hope. thanks to our media partners, and thanks to you amazing san francisco giants fans. in northern california, in this city because of all over the world, here is to you giants fans. [applause] >> a final word of thanks to this amazing, diverse, remarkable community where the san francisco giants have the privilege of being a part. thank you, san francisco, for all of what you do. [applause] >> today is a day to celebrate.
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today is also a day to recommit. off season started yesterday, so we are going to celebrate today. we have already started working for 2011. we have work to do. thank you and onward! [applause] >> thank you, bill. ladies and gentlemen, everyone is here to honor the giants. we are all giants fans on this day especially, and we are honored to have the number one giants fan in the state of california here to pay tribute to this ball club. please welcome the great governor of the great state of california,


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